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A Fresh Perspective

A scary diagnosis. Bothersome contact lenses. Dry eyes. Your eyes’ challenges deserve thorough, clearheaded care.

Sustainable Solutions

From child-proof frames to vision therapy, we’ve got a modern take on every eye’s special needs.

Expect the Best

Boldly independent

Ever since Dr. Nate Harrell first opened our optometry clinic in 2010, we’ve embraced doing things a little differently. Being a small, local operation, we run a high chance of bumping into our customers at the grocery store.  So, we treat you — and all our patients — like members of our own north Idaho family.

Since kindness isn’t enough, however, we pair it with expertise. We are fashion guides, technology nerds, passionate scientists, and lovers of all things vintage.  We price our products and services affordably, lowering our prices whenever an opportunity arises.  We operate outside the formula, and we don’t allow industry norms or giant corporations to direct us otherwise.

Embracing the basics

Our #1 priority for all our patients is long-term ocular health.  Accordingly, we build dilation and disease screening into all our comprehensive eye exams, which allows us to diagnose potential issues before they begin to affect your vision.  

For those days when life doesn’t stick to the plan, we offer same-day and after-hours services. Our doctors are well-versed in emergencies like eye injuries, infections, or sudden vision changes.  That’s also why we contract with regional medical insurance, from Medicare and Medicaid to Blue Cross, United Healthcare, VA TriWest, and beyond.  Our goal is to preserve your vision without stressing your finances. 

Personal-eye-zed care

Bad puns aside, our patients love the one-on-one attention they get at our clinic. We don’t cut corners with doctor time, which has led thousands of patients trust us each year with their specialized care — from LASIK referrals, to fitting specialized scleral contact lenses, to monitoring sight-threatening diseases like diabetes, glaucoma, or macular degeneration.  In everything we do, we honor our patients’ trust by providing reliable, custom care.

All our staff are well-versed in a wide range of eyeglass options, but our Sandpoint staff have mastered the world of specialty sunglasses.  Some of the names we carry have popular appeal — like Oakley, Smith, and Ray-Ban. Others are better known for their high quality (like Maui Jim), their incredible sports performance (think: Rudy Project), or their niche solutions, like prescription swim goggles or youth safety glasses from Wiley X. Need glasses that will vary with the forest light as you ride your mountain bike through Pine Street Woods? How about ski goggles that can accommodate your eyeglass prescription? Stop by and we will walk you through the options!

Nicole, Maggie, Jen, & LoreLei

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COVID-19 Updates

[In light of these interesting times, we are waiving our usual hatred of pop-up windows for this regularly-updated notice.]

As of 7/13/2020, we are scheduling and performing all types of eye exams!  Per Panhandle Health District's guidelines, masks are strongly recommended any time you visit our clinic. 

While we are "open for business," we are scheduling any and all visits to our clinic, to help us preserve a healthy level of social distancing in our facilities at all times.  We can mail or dispense any glasses or contact lenses curb-side; any other in-person dispensing needs must be pre-scheduled with our staff.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on our business, info on how COVID-19 affects your eyes, links to community resources, and other relevant topics.  In the meantime, here's some ways you can help us stay open: 

Thanks for helping us reduce all contagious disease cases in our clinic and our community! Keep smiling and stay healthy, Bonner County!