Our Vision Serves Yours

Since we opened our optometry clinic in 2010, we've embraced doing things a little differently.  We don't advertise -- our patients find us, largely through word-of-mouth from other patients.  By treating patients like family, we've become family.  Life is so much better when lived in grateful community... it's kind of like living life in full color.

All that to say, a lot of optometric practices describe what they do with confining adjectives, like "pediatric" or "geriatric."  We don't bother with limits.  People are what we're all about at Pend Oreille Vision Care.

So if you show up and someone's delivering us a farm-share veggie bag, or bringing by a baby rabbit for us to pet, or just leaning on the counter telling us a story, well... We're proud that we've been called "the coffee shop of eye clinics," when we don't even serve coffee!  Thank YOU for making it possible.


Being "Independent" Matters

By being an independent practice, we've rejected being stale, stoic, and "normal."  We fit our patients in pertinent, cutting-edge optical options, such as scleral lenses that vault compromised corneas for better vision.  We use high-tech equipment to help us monitor fine changes in eye health before patients experience vision loss.  We offer a full range of medical services, including after-hours urgent care for those weekend mishaps.  And, we ensure that you look better in your new glasses than we did when we got our own first pairs.  [That's a promise.]